The entrance allows free use of the adventure trails for the time specified by the type of ticket, which runs from the beginning of the briefing; The last admission is made two hours before closing. 


Present an identity document to the InfoPoint for the delivery of the individual equipment (helmet, harness, longes with carabiners, pulley); for families, groups or schools only one document from the responsible person is sufficient. The documents will be returned upon complete return of the material. For families, groups or schools, the return will take place after the last member has returned the material in his possession. 


In the briefing area an assistant will check that the equipment has been worn correctly and will show you how to progress on the workshops. Subsequently, everyone will have to carry out a short test run to demonstrate that they have correctly understood the instructions. This step is always mandatory and is part of the safety measures. So it cannot be skipped for any reason. In fact, it is not allowed to start the activity before having participated in the briefing phase and without the authorization of the operator.The Baby, Azzurro and Giallo routes must be carried out by children under the supervision and responsibility of a responsible adult. on the routes only with the presence of a responsible adult who will sign the responsibility sheet.



It is reiterated that during the journey you will be totally autonomous in your evolutions even if under the surveillance from the ground of a park assistant. Security will always be maximum provided that you carefully respect the easy rules of conduct. An explanatory panel near each atelier will help you to better understand how to overcome the obstacles that will arise. We start from the Green route (the simplest) and then move on to subsequent routes of increasing difficulty. In case of real need or problems, a qualified operator can bring you back to shore. 


At the time of expiry of your ticket you will have to go to the InfoPoint for the delivery of the material and return of the document.


Comfortable and sporty clothing is recommended. Closed footwear and gathered hair and no fluttering chains are required.

Leave personal items that can hinder the progression of the path: keys, cell phones, etc.


It is mandatory to use only the equipment made available by the park (harness, carabiners with longes, pulley, helmet). Only gloves and a balaclava are permitted as personal items. It is not allowed to lend the rented equipment to others. This constitutes a serious danger to the safety of people because it is mandatory to participate in the briefing phase. Furthermore, you are solely responsible for the equipment delivered to you.

The use of the equipment and the progression takes place in total autonomy; only you are able to assess your physical and psychological conditions to practice this activity.

The assistants of the route will always be available to advise you and help you in case of need. Minors must always be accompanied by a responsible adult who gives authorization.

It is mandatory to always remain attached to the lifeline which is always marked in red.

Only one person at a time can walk through the atelier; if, when you reach the platform, the next atelier is busy you must wait your turn. A maximum of 2 people can stay on the platform.

In case of bad weather, if it does not rain or if there is a strong wind, the activity can still be practiced. In case of rain the activity is interrupted.

After half an hour from the start of the routes, if the wait (for it to stop raining) lasts for more than 30 minutes we will give you a free ticket to return to the park. In any case, no cash refunds are made.

This activity can involve risks if the indicated standards are not respected. The management reserves the right to deny access to the routes to anyone who behaves dangerously for himself or for others.



By law, we inform you that the data you provide us at the time of signing on the acceptance of the regulation are not kept and will be destroyed at the end of the day of activity. The identity document left at the InfoPoint will be returned when the equipment is returned by the last member of the group to which the owner of the document belongs.

Opening hours

Park Hours: 

The park will reopen on Saturday, March 23rd, and Sunday, March 24th, from 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM, with last entry at 5:00 PM. 

It will also be open for Easter and Easter Monday. Booking is mandatory.