Trips and School

In recent years, the Adventure Parks have become the favorite destinations of schools for their pupils' school trips.

The experience of an Adventure Park is extremely formative for all children of various school ages; they learn to measure themselves with height and consequently to manage their small difficulties; they learn to incite each other to complete the mission: finish the paths and climb the tower !!!
Once in the park what happens? The method used for the "fulfillment of the mission" is based on the relationship of trust that will be created between our AIFOS instructors and the boys.
The instructor will guide them by instructing them and advising them on how to advance on the paths in total safety, suggesting the best method to finish the paths trying to achieve balance.

How does it work?
Students are divided into groups of 20/25 based on height or class they belong to.
First step: dressing by our authorized personnel: harness with lanyard, carabiners and pulley, hygienic balaclava and helmet
Second step: explanation by the instructors on the use of all the components of the harness, namely the Personal Protective Equipment

Third step: practical test on the use of PPE and a small test course.

After carrying out the test, if demonstrated to have perfectly understood the use of PPE to be able to carry out the routes in complete safety, you go on the routes, always and in any case under the watchful and attentive gaze of the instructors.
The time available is max 3 hours, and you can choose to do the activity in the morning or in the afternoon.


- Nursery school                                        € 10.00 each
- Elementary                                               € 10.00 per each
- Medium (I - II)                                            € 12.00  each
- III Middle Schools and High Schools    € 15.00  each

The price includes:
Rental of equipment necessary for carrying out the activities (harness, helmet, protective cap);
Free fee for an accompanying person for every 10 students;
Picnic area available free of charge for packed lunches
Free access to the beach of our Camping Village Riva dei Tarquini
N.B. Upon request, we can provide a meal for € 10.00 in the picnic area

Number of participants: min 25 and max 70 children per time slot (morning / afternoon);
Recommended clothing: sneakers or boots, t-shirt, sweatshirt, sweatpants, essentially: comfortable.
The presence of a school companion or parent for every 10 participants is recommended

Tarquinia offers numerous possibilities for students to spend a day full of emotions that can be unforgettable once at home.

You can reconcile the playful formative aspect of the Adventure Park experience with the naturalistic aspect of the "Saline di Tarquinia" State Nature Reserve or with the historical aspect of the Tarquinian National Archaeological Museum and the Etruscan Necropolis of Monterozzi.
The trip can therefore be divided into two moments:
Morning free visit to the Necropolis and / or Museum of Tarquinia, or free visit to the Saline Reserve then packed lunch and Adventure Park at our facility.

Brief notes:

"The museum is located in the splendid Vitelleschi palace, built between 1436 and 1439. The collection, which presents materials from excavations conducted in the area of the ancient Etruscan city and in the vast and rich necropolis, tells us about the life of the Etruscans and of their conception of the afterlife according to which the deceased survives after death. Noteworthy is a rich collection of Etruscan sarcophagi on the ground floor, to which is added to the first floor the sector dedicated to the collections of Greek ceramics, including various masterpieces such as the kylix of Oltos, the vase of Charinos, the amphora of Phintias and the crater of the Berlin Painter. Among the most valuable finds is the famous high relief of winged horses that decorated the pediment of the altar of the Queen, which has now become a symbol of the city of Tarquinia in the world. The only one of its kind is a room on the second floor dedicated to those painted tombs whose pictorial decorations were detached from their natural support in the 1950s. for conservation reasons ".

“The Necropolis of Monterozzi in 2004 was declared a" World Heritage Site "by UNESCO for the presence of an exceptional monumental cycle of painted tombs, defined as" the first page of great Italian painting ". It is the largest of the cemeteries of the ancient Etruscan city of Tarquinia and consists of more than 6,000 underground Etruscan tombs that occupy the whole vast hill of the "Monterozzi". The painted tombs, adorned with figurative scenes including hunters, fishermen, players, dancers, jugglers, athletes, represent the wealth and power of the dead for which they were made: they are the symbol of their high social rank.
The importance of Etruscan painting is also linked to the total loss of Greek painting, of which we can get an idea through the decorations of some exceptional Tarquinian tombs, where in fact it was hypothesized the hand of Greek artists, attracted to Italy to decorate the tombs of the rich Etruscans ".
TO ENJOY THE TOMB AND MUSEUM ENTRANCE FOR FREE, simply show up with the list of pupils at one of the two sites and you will then get a ticket to visit the other.

For Info 0766 856036

The State Natural Reserve "Saline di Tarquinia" was established in 1980 and covers about 170 hectares. Previously it was a salt extraction plant managed by the State Monopolies. Now its establishment is aimed at protecting the environment, in particular at the conservation of the birds typical of coastal lagoons. Very rare species grow along the banks. The Reserve is a wetland that is home to numerous species of resident and migratory birds, including the Pink Flamingo, the Little Egret, the Gray Heron, the White Heron, birds of prey such as the kestrel and osprey.
TO TAKE FREE ENTRANCE TO THE NATURAL RESERVE, it is necessary to book in advance by contacting the Nucleo Carabinieri Tutela Biodiversità by telephone on 0766 864605.
( Saline di Tarquinia are open from Settember to March ) 

Opening hours

Park Hours: 

The park will reopen on Saturday, March 23rd, and Sunday, March 24th, from 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM, with last entry at 5:00 PM. 

It will also be open for Easter and Easter Monday. Booking is mandatory.